Local Dumpster Rental Man is your one stop source for affordable dumpster rentals. Call for a quick and easy quote from one of our affiliates on 10, 20, 30 and 40 yard dumpsters.

When Disposal’s a Must, Then Think of Us.

Roll off dumpster rental service delivering a trash dumpster

For reliable and affordable dumpster rental, Local Dumpster Rental is there for all your dumpster needs.

Have a barn, house or garage that you need to clean out, Call Local Dumpster RentalMan and keep the green in your pocket.  Local Dumpster Rental Manuses only pre-screened, local dumpster rental companies as haulers and you will be speaking directly to a local representative. Local Dumpster Rental Manwill provide you with only the best local haulers to provide you with excellent service.Rent a dumpster from Local Dumpster Rental and clean out your garage and not your checking account.

For roofing tear-offs, demolition, clean-outs, landscaping projects, construction projects and general clean-ups, Local Dumpster Rental has the size dumpster you need.



10-yard: 12ft L X 8ft W X 3.5ft H


30-yard: 23.5ft L X 8ft W X 6.5ft H


20-yard: 23.5ft L X 8ft W X 4.5ft H


40-yard: 23.5ft L X 8ft W X 8.5ft H

Never Rented a Dumpster Before? Local Dumpster Rental Man Can Help In Choosing The Right Size.

If you have never rented a dumpster before, Local Dumpster Rental Man offers these tips:

Localdumpsterrentalman Dumpster Size Roll-off dumpsters are large rectangular steel containers that actually roll off the delivery truck when delivered.  These containers are great for clean-up projects, construction, roofing tear-offs and general debris removal. Roll-off dumpsters are available in several sizes. The amount that dumpster will hold is calculated in "cubic yards," usually 10, 20, 30 and 40 yard dumpsters. Most house hold junk will fit into a 10-yard dumpster, but if you have a lot of junk or really big items, like couches or stoves, you may need to goa size bigger to a 20 or 30-yard or even a 40-yard.The largest container that you can rent for a roofing tear-off is a 20-yard due to the weight of the shingles.

The important thing to remember is weight. Most trucks are limited to carrying no more than 10 tons of debris in the container. In the spring months, this is reduced even more because of “frost laws” or road weight limit restrictions. The price of the dumpster will include a weight limit of about 3 tons, depending on the size of the container.

Once you have determined the size dumpster you will need, call Local Dumpster Rental Manand speak with one of our local professionals. Our affiliates are very nowledgeable and will assist you in this determination.

Schedule your dumpster at least 24-hours in advance. Tell the representative about any extenuating circumstances: overhead wires, low-hanging limbs, etc. About 30 feet of clear space is needed above the truck to safely set the dumpster. The ground where the dumpster is to be placed must be level with no obstacles in the way. It is also best to have the dumpster placed on a concrete or gravel driveway or parking lot.Keep in mind that the dumpster will weigh several tons when it is full, so don't have the truck driver place it in the yard in case it rains to prevent damage to your yard. If you have an asphalt driveway, you may want to place sheets of plywood down on which the driver can place the dumpster to prevent damage. In the hot summer months, the asphalt will be softer. Roll-off dumpsters have metal wheels and they could sink down into the asphalt and leave impressions because of the weight.

If you are concerned about damage to you driveway, you might want to consider a rubber-wheeled dumpster or trailer. These are usually available and have rubber wheels instead of steel wheels. Check with your Local Dumpster Rental Man affiliate in your area to see if they are available.

Where ever you decide to place the dumpster, remember that the driver of the roll off truck will need about 60 feet of clear space when backing the truck into positionyou’re your driveway or yard is too small, then a dumpster can be placed on the street but in some areas, a permit will be needed. Homeowners may also have to place traffic cones in front and behind the dumpster to warn drivers that the dumpster is there. Check with your local affililiate, as laws very from state to state.

Also keep in mind that the driver will not be able to back up over a curb or sidewalk to place the dumpster in the yard. The weight of the container and truck could damge the curb or crack the sidewalk and therefore the driver will not drive over them. If space is a big problem, a trailer might be the answer or you could hire the dumpster company to do a “live load” which means the driver stays in the truck on the street while the dumpster is being loaded. This will cost extra and dumpster companies usually charge by the hour for a s long as the driver is there. Again, check with your Local Dumpster Rental Man affiliate to see if this service is available.

After filling the dumpster (do not fill the dumpster beyond the top edge, drivers must, by law, tarp the dumpster in order to move it), call your Local Dumpster Rental Man affiliate to make an appointment to have the dumpster removed, usually for the next day.

Roll-off Dumpsters are generally rented for a period of up to 5 days. If you need the dumpster longer, call your Local Dumpster Rental Manand make arrangements with one of the local representatives. Sometimes they will not charge extra for additional days, but some companies will, so it is best to check.

The price of your dumpster will be mostly determined by the cost of the dumping fees at the local landfill, the size of the container you need, and possible the type of debris that will be put in the dumpster. The weight of the container will be determined at the landfill and generally when you rent a dumpster, you will be allowed so many tons of debris which is included in the price. If you go over, extra tonnage charges may apply.

There are certain items that cannot be loaded into a dumpster:

Localdumpsterrental Man Dumpster ManHazardous waste is not allowed. Pesticides, chemicals, liquid paint, batteries, tires, contaminated soil, 55-gallon drums (unless the tops are cut out of them and they contain no hazardous material), propane tanks, used oil, etc. cannot be put into a dumpster.

Appliances containing Freon such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc. In some areas, the Freon must be evacuated from the unit and tagged by a certified HVAC technician before it can be disposed of.

Concrete: Only clean concrete is allowed, which means, nothing but concrete in the dumpster. This container is actually taken to a recycle facility and the concrete is crushed to be used as road surfacing material, so it cannot be mixed withother debris.

Yard Waste:  Tree limbs, leaves, grass clippings must also be separated from common trash.In most areas, these materials cannot be dumped in the landfill and must be dumped in an area designated only for compost. No large stumps.

If you have any questions or concerns about material that you wish to dispose of, call your Local Dumpster Rental Man. Laws governing waste vary from state to state and your local service provider will be able to advise you on what you can and cannot place into a dumpster.

Local Dumpster Rental Man is here to make your dumpster rental easy and affordable. Our local haulers have been screened and chosen to provide you with excellent customer service and offer professional advice if yo are a first time renter.

If Disposal’s a Must, Then Think of Us.

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