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If Disposal’s a Must, Then Think of Us

Renting a Dumpser is Fast and Easy. Just Follow These Tips:

Waste disposal to most people is simply bagging up the garbage and placing it on the curb at night. You wake up the next morning and it has magically disappeared. But sometimes a homeowner is faced with a mountain of trash after doing a basement clean-out or they have large bulky items like refridgerators or couches that the garbage guy won’t take. What to do then? Renting a dumpster from The Local Dumpster Rental Guy may be the answer.

How do I know if I even need a dumpster?

When faced with a mountain of trash or large bulky items  to dispose of, there are really only four options: set the junk on the curb, call a junk hauling company to haul it away, hual it away to the landfill yourself or rent a dumpster.

Dumpsters rentals (add link to “dumpster types”)are the most convenient way to dispose of a lot of trash or large bulky items at one time. They are a great way to rid yourself of debris during a home clean-out, construction project, demoliton project or clean up project that is going to produce large amounts of trash. For example, if you have a clean-up project and have more than 10 bags of trash or more than one large item, then you should probably rent a dumpster. Most residential garbage companies will alow up to ten bags or five cans and will also allow one large item a month. You could sit the trash out a little at a time, but it would take weeks to get rid of it all. If you have a pick-up truck, you could haul it away yourself, but how many people really live that close to a landfill?  Even if you did, you’d still have to pay at the landfill and if you have more than one pick up load, it’s probably not the most cost effective route to take.

You could call a company that specializes in hauling away junk, but because they have to load the debris and haul it away to the landfill, it will probably cost more than renting a dumpster and doing it yourself. Renting a 10-yard dumpster is the answer.

Dumpsters are measured in cubic yards. Take a look at your pile and try to determine about how much debris you have. If you think that you might have just a little bit more than 10 cubic yards, you’re better off renting the next size larger dumpster. The dumpster can only be loaded even with the top rim, so renting a 15 or a 20-yard may be cheaper in the long run. If you rent a 10-yard and it wasn’t large enough for all of your material, then you’d have to another one delivered and it will be double the cost.

Ok, I need a 10-yard dumpster, now what?

Once you have decided that a 10-yard dumpster will do the job, think about where you would like the dumpster placed when the driver delivers it. Most people would want the dumpster in the yard right up against the porch by the front door so that they wouldn’t have to carry the junk that far. This in some cases might not be feasible.  Remember that a loaded roll-off dumpster truck will weigh up to 20 tons when full, depending on the debris, if the ground is a little soft and the truck tires sink into the soil, you might be doing yard repair later. Because of the weight, roll-off trucks do not do very well in slick mud or snow. Even though you might have to carry the junk a little farther, the driveway is probably the best spot to place the dumpster.

The driver will need at least 60 feet of clear space in your driveway to set the dumpster down. That’s because the dumpster actually “rolls off” the back of the truck. So the driver will need at least the length of the truck and dumpster to set it down properly. Because the boom of the truck is raised about 20 feet or so, there must not be any overhead obstacles like wires or tree branches. When the driver gets to your house or project, he will advise you if he has enough room to set it where you want it.

How much does a dumpster cost?

Of course you want to find the best price for your dumpster. Simply call The Local Dumpster Rental Man hauler that is featured when you click on your city to the right. The Local Dumpster Rental Guy pre-screens all our haulers to find you the best price and the best service in your area. If you want to do a price comparison, google “dumpster rental in your city” and shop around. The Dumpster Rental Guy has already done this for you, but we welcome the competition.

Dumpster rental prices will vary from state to state and city to city. The size of the dumpster determines the price and so does the cost of dumping at the local landfill. Dumpster companies pay by the ton. When you rent your dumpster, you will probably have so many tons allowed with the rental. Most companies allow up to four tons that is included in the price. If you have a lot of light items in your clean-up project or items that take up a lot of air space like a couch or stove or washer and dryer, four tons will probably be sufficient for the job. If your are doing a roofing tear-off or filling the dumpster with drywall. Then you might incur some extra tonnage charges.  Extra tonnage charges vary, but most companies will charge between $20 - $100 per ton for overages. Make sure that you know up front what the extra tonnage charges are before you rent the dumpster. Let your Local Dumpster Renal Man affiliate know what you plan on filling the dumpster with and they can probably give you a close estimate on the total charges.

Dumspter rental prices are also affected by the distance that the hauler will have to travel to your home or project and then to the landfill when the dumpster is full. Keep in mind that the dumpster company will have to make two round trips during the course of your rental, once to deliver it and once to pick it up. If you live a long way from the dumpster company and the landfill, you will be paying more.

The dumpster is here, now what can I put in it?

You can put pretty much anything that is considered trash or junk into the dumpster, but there are some things that cannot go into the dumpster. For instance, hazardous waste, pesticides, fetilizers, car batteries, empty propane tanks, paint, soil, etc are not alowed in a dumpster. Use common sense. If the material could harm the environment, don’t put it in the dumpster. Hazardous materials have their own unique means of hauling and disposal and dipsosal of hazarous materials is governed by state and federal regulations. When in doubt, leave it out.

Car and truck tires are a big no no also. Tires can’t be buried in a landfill because they tend to float back to the surface over time. They can be disposed of in most states if they are cut into quarters however. This prevents them from floating back to the surface and becoming breeding grounds for mosquitos. If you think you can get by with hiding a few in the bottom of the dumpster, think again. If discovered, you can be charged up to $20 per tire.  If the dumpster company doesn’t discover them, the landfill personnel will. Ultimately you will be charged for them. The best thing to do is take them to a tire recycling facility. They will be shredded and used to make useful items and you will be helping the environment.

What if the project takes me longer than I thought? Can I extend the rental period?

Dumpster pricing can also be affected by the length of the rental. Most dumpster service providers will alllow you to keep the dumpster up to a week. Length of rental varies from state to state. If you know at the beginning that you will need the dumpster for an extended period of time, tell your Local Dumpster Rental Man representative. The initial price will be determined at that time. If you rent the dumpster for a week and you find that you need it longer, call your Local Dumpster Rental Man office and tell them that you need to extend the rental period. Most companies will charge around $20 to $50 for each additional day, depending on the company.

If Disposal’s a Must, Then Think of Us.