Of course you want to find the best price for your dumpster. Simply call Your Local Dumpster Rental Man that is featured when you click on your city to the right. Local Dumpster Rental Man is always there for you with great pricing on roll-off containers. If you want to do a price comparison, Google “dumpster rental in your city” and shop around. The Local Dumpster Rental Man has already done this for you, but we welcome the competition.

Dumpster Pricing Varies from Locality to Locality.

Localdumpster Man Home Page Dumpster Dumpster rental prices will vary from locality to locality. The size of the dumpster determines the price and so does the cost of dumping at the local landfill. Dumpster companies pay by the ton at the landfill and will pass that off to the customer. When you rent your dumpster, you will probably have so many tons allowed with the rental. Most companies allow up to 4 tons and is included in the price of the dumpster.

If you have a lot of light items in your clean-up project or items that take up a lot of air space like a couch or stove or washer and dryer, four tons will probably be sufficient for the job. If you are doing a roofing tear-off or filling the dumpster with drywall, then you might incur some extra tonnage charges. Extra tonnage charges vary, but most companies will charge between $20 - $100 per ton for overages. Make sure that you know up front what the extra tonnage charges are before you rent the dumpster. Let your Local Dumpster Renal Man know what you plan on filling the dumpster with and they can probably give you a close estimate on the total charges with extra tonnage.

Localdumpster Man Home Page Dumpster Dumpster rental prices are also affected by the distance that the hauler will have to travel to your home or project and then to the landfill when the dumpster is full. Keep in mind that the dumpster company will have to make two round trips during the course of your rental, once to deliver the dumpster and once to pick it up. If you live a long way from the dumpster company landfill or recycling center, you will be paying more.

We have found that the average price for a medium sized dumpster (20 yard) is about $350.00. The price generally includes 4 tons. Extra tonnage is about $40 per ton, depending on the location. If you fill the dumpster with shingles and it weighs in at 8 tons at the landfill, you will be paying $350 + $160 (4 tons at $40 per ton) totaling $510. As stated earlier, weight is the key factor in determining price. If you are doing a home clean-out and the dumpster weighs 3.5 tons at the landfill, $350 is all you will pay. That’s why it is important to know exactly how many tons are allowed with the dumpster rental and what the cost per ton is if you go over.

Localdumpster Man Home Page Dumpster

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